Hill Country Man
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Rebecca Graf (4 Stars) - Library Thing
Every now and then, I enjoy an easy romance. By easy, I don’t mean that everything flows together perfectly as in a fairy tale. I mean a read that is enjoyable and laid back even if the relationship on the pages gets rocky. Loralee Lillibridge was able to supply that in Hill Country Man.

Youthful mistakes not realized until maturity sets in is not an uncommon story. We’ve all experienced. In this story, a young man makes a foolish bet and trusts someone unworthy of it. A young woman thinks money will bring a lifetime of happiness to only find sixteen years later after a bitter divorce that it can’t. She returns home with her rebellious teenage daughter to find herself face to face with feelings long buried for the man who really held her heart. Now, she has to face her own past and deeply buried feelings before she can move forward and consider true love.

The story moves along at a good pace. This is not a hundred thousand word novel. It’s not a novella, either. It gets to the point and carries the reader where she needs to go. Flashbacks are common throughout the book. These thoughts of the past are important in understanding story while not drawing it unnecessarily out.

Ms. Lillibridge brings in real life experiences as in the relationship between the rebellious teenage daughter and her newly divorced mother. The feelings are raw and the actions of the girl are true to life including the attitude and disrespect. The author does a good job of describing the realistic conflict and the process of growth and forgiveness in such a short about of time.

There is one very intimate scene that lasts a few pages. All other scenes are alluded to and not described in detail. The language is very clean. Overall, there is only the one scene that a reader needs to be warned about.

I really enjoyed this read. I was able to read it in one day. It is the perfect book for a trip or just to lose yourself in to escape the stress of everyday life.

Note: This book was won in a giveaway by the author/publisher with no expectation of a positive review. 

SultryDiva (5 Stars) - Library Thing
I like a good love story. This was a good love story. The small town/ranch setting wasn’t cluttered with unimportant details. The characters, especially 15 year old Dani were believable. (She made me glad that I wasn’t her mother.)

The story won’t make you wait long for the action, it’s nonstop almost from the beginning! One thing leads to another, often with Dani right in the thick of things. Every time when things start to get better, something happens. It’s always three steps forward and two steps back. Maggie has to make choices; choices that are never easy. To complicate the problem, she’s constantly reminding herself of a wrong choice she made in the past. Will she make the right choice this time or leave her Hill Country Man to go it alone.

Books007 (3.5 Stars) - Library Thing
Maggie comes back home with her rebelious teenage daughter in tow after her marriage ended. And old crush from her past, Sam, still lives in town and hasn't forgotten regrets of letting her marry his old friend unprotested. Some unfortunate events throw the Maggie & Sam together and back to each other (with a few bumps along the way.)

I can't say it was a "I couldn't put it down" type books but was definitely interested in finishing it. Predictable...sure but still a good read for anyone looking for a light, easy read in western romance.

Maybe we will get a book two for Hawk & Dani. Feel like their story is definitely not finished... 

PrettyinPink120 (4 Stars) - Library Thing
Hill Country Man was kind of predictable, but I still really enjoyed it. It followed the standard romance story line, fall in love, have a pointless fight, make-up, and they live happily ever after.

Maggie and Sam, the main characters had a lot of chemistry and where fun to read about. Because they have past history it made their current relationship more complex.

I really liked Dani and wish there was more of her, maybe ever have her point of view in the story, she was just such a complicated teen and had so much going on that it would have be nice to get to know her better.

Lulu150 (5 Stars) - Library Thing
I completely enjoyed this book. It was a very nice and easy read. I loved the cowboy/western theme of this book, along with the romance and the interaction of the characters. If you are looking for a good romance book to read then I would pick this one!!!
Ihlady (5 Stars) - Library Thing
I currently read a great deal of textbooks, the Bible (for study/class purposes), and do a great deal of writing for these classes. I was concerned that I wouldn't find the time to give this book "Hill Country Man" my full attention. I was so wrong. Once I opened the file and began reading I was drawn into the story instantly. I have lived in central Texas including near Austin so I could imagine exactly the scenes she described. And I've raised 3 children so knew exactly how Maggie felt when her teenage daughter talked to her (as only teenage daughters can). The hurt was real for me. I was pleasantly surprised with the entire novel (I am not much of a romantic novel sort) but thoroughly enjoyed this one and was ever so sad to see it end. I love the Hill Country of Texas (and miss it) and I love the way Loralee can transport me back there. Highly recommend and cannot wait for what is next from this author.
Jo2son (4 Stars) - Library Thing
Maggie, recently divorced, and her teenage daughter Dani move back to rural Texas to the house where Maggie grew up. When the house burns down, Sam, an old friend, offers them a place to live and job for Maggie. Sam supports Maggie through the challenge of moving back home with a reluctant teenager and eventually Sam and Maggie fall in love. This was a light read with a "happily ever after" ending that I thoroughly enjoyed. I would recommend this book to others.
CookieDemon (4 Stars) - Library Thing
*Full disclosure: the publisher provided me with a copy of this novel in the hope that I would review it*

I have to admit that I sometimes approach romance novels with a bit of trepidation. Are they going to be too cliché? Too steamy? Not enough steam? I turn to romance novels when I want a bit of escapism and guaranteed happily ever afters, but just occasionally I find myself rolling my eyes and giving up after being bombarded by too many stereotypes and predictable storylines- then on the other hand I sometimes find myself utterly engrossed and just can’t turn the pages fast enough! So, it was safe to say that with this one, as well as with an author I had never encountered before, I didn’t really know *what* to expect.

I actually really enjoyed this book. It was a well-written storyline with characters that I came to care about and a bit of a pacey plot that kept me interested- and of course, the edition of a hunky cowboy was just too much for me to resist!

Set in Shade Tree, Texas, the book finds single mother Maggie returning to her childhood home for the summer with daughter Dani in tow, to sort out her late parents former property. She doesn’t expect to encounter Sam Banner, her ex-husbands former best friend, as well as the best man at her wedding. It soon becomes clear that Sam has always held a torch for Maggie and that maybe nineteen years ago, she made the wrong choice- but Sam seems to be hiding a few secrets of his own...

As I’ve said, this was well-written. The author does an excellent job in setting up the characters right away- you instantly get a sense that you know Sam and what he stands for, as well as see how caring Maggie can be and what she’s been through in the past and how she is trying to pick herself up again. Though Dani got on my nerves as she was a complete brat, the resentful sulky teenager is well-depicted and she (as well as the other characters) felt realistic. I also liked the secondary characters and how they came into play- it would be nice to read more books set in Shade Tree in future and see if they can be built upon a bit more.

If I could offer any criticisms it would perhaps be that I saw what was coming on a lot of occasions- there was a degree of predictability to the narrative, though it didn’t stop me enjoying the novel and I had expected it as it is usually the case with this genre. Also, Sam’s ‘hard chest’ makes an appearance frequently- though he does admittedly sound too hunky for words, and you can’t blame Maggie one iota for constantly tripping against it (good girl)! The notion of ‘equine therapy’ was introduced somewhat towards the end of the storyline and this is something that I found very interesting and would have perhaps liked to have learned more about perhaps earlier on (or maybe in the authors next book?), as it did give a bit of substance to the plot.

Overall this was a solid, well-written romance that would make an excellent easy-reading book for a holiday, or even for someone wanting to while away a pleasant few hours. I would read more by this author in future. 

JenniWindsor (4 Stars) - Library Thing
This is typical of the kind of books I love. It caught me from the beginning as I have a daughter entering that difficult period of her life. There was not only love and laughter but some good parenting lessons/advice. It was a quick read without having any of the spots I've come across in other books that slow down at a point. Very enjoyable.

All That Matter
Amazon Paperback
Barnes & Noble

I love reading romance, but have always had a soft spot for contemporary romance since that is what I started out reading. I admit that my time lately has been limited (and I know I'm not the only one!), so when I pick up a book to read for pleasure, I'm expecting a lot.Well, let me tell you when I finished the first few sentences of ALL THAT MATTERS, it became all that mattered. I couldn't put this story down. From the first page Buddy Lee and Faith's story captured my heart. By the end of chapter one, I admit I had more than a slight crush on Buddy Lee. This charming man was pure in heart and the more I learned about him the more I rooted for him to get what he wanted. Faith's love.

Without giving away too much, because I want you to enjoy the story the way I did, feel the emotions and the triumphs and the frustration, I will share a little bit.

Buddy Lee showed his courage in overcoming a shame-filled past brought on him by his father. He worked hard and lived by a moral code of ethics, though not everybody realized this. As for Faith, I was instantly drawn to her for all that she'd gone through. Her plight in dealing with an overbearing father and how she was made to feel she needed to act a certain way because she belonged to the upper class of their small broke my heart. Together this pair formed an unlikely friendship...good girl meets town bad boy. But Buddy Lee proves he isn't a bad boy when he rescues Faith time and time again from the situations she finds herself in. He takes the blame with no thought to how it makes him appear to others, his only concern is his friend. Faith.

Loralee Lillibridge is an amazing author and wove her words in a manner that made me feel like I was there with Buddy Lee and Faith, in every room listening to their conversations, but with one added bonus, I knew what they were thinking and feeling. I curled up into the soft cushions of my couch with no plans to put this story down. Loralee's turn of phrase, her characterization, her subtle humor, made this book smooth and flowing and before I knew it--before I was ready for it--I was reading the last chapter. When I finished the last sentence I was torn. Saddened that my mini vacation in a small Texastown with two new friends--Buddy Lee and Faith--had ended, but I also had that little niggle in the pit of my stomach--you know the one--the one you get when you've finished a truly good read!
 Pam Trombley (5 Stars) Amazon
Loralee Lillibridge has created a winner!
Her characters are so real you just know you could bump into one of them on the street and you'd know who it was. Her story takes turns you wouldn't expect and there's always something there that keeps you from setting it aside. I kept saying "Just one more chapter then I'll put it down" but I couldn't do it. I was rooting for Faith and hoping she'd figure out what was staring her in the face the whole time and she finally did but Loralee took me on some unexpected turns to get there! Buddy Lee was a terrific hero you just can't help but cheer for. This one is a keeper for sure and one to reread, which for me, doesn't happen very often.
Terri Forehand (5 Stars) Amazon
All That Matters is fun, romantic, sad,tragic, and suspensful all wrapped up into one good read. The reader immediately learns to love the characters Buddy Lee and Faith and the situation they have found themselves in. And they are drawn into the suspense and mystery that centers around a death.
The story moves quickly and can easily be read in a weekend making it a good choice for those with little time to sit and read. There are a couple of intimate scenes between Buddy Lee and Faith that are done in good taste within the scope of true love but I would still warn the reader that it wouldn't be appropriate for teens or those uncomfortable reading scenes with sexual content.

The mystery and suspense is good, the story line keeps the reader caring about what will happen, and the ending has its own twist and turn. All in all a very good story.

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