Monday, October 27, 2014

Witches, Goblins And Flying Monkeys, Oh My!

Hey Y'All - From October 27th to October 31st, I'll be participating in Nancy Gideon's Haunted Open House Giveaway Blog Hop as part of Nancy's 4th Annual Haunted Open House! Stop by Nancy's Haunted House to read Halloween posts by some awesome authors, wander into the spooky Game Room or sample some of the spooktacular Halloween drinks, appetizers and desserts. And don't forget to check out Nancy's Tricks-or-Treats!

I admit I’m not a fan of scary stuff and totally avoid horror movies, so I guess you could call me a ‘fraidy cat, but that’s the way I roll. Always was, always will be. But I seriously believe in ghosts and spirits. Angels, too, but they don’t scare me.

The first time my very young children saw The Wizard of Oz on TV (a long time ago) and were frightened by the flying monkeys, I totally understood. I never liked those critters either. And I knew they weren’t real. Still, they were scary and so was the Witch.

I’m not quite sure what brought on this aversion to horror. As a child, I read all the fairy tales – you know, where the wicked witch tried to put Hansel and Gretel in her oven. Yikes! That’s horror, right? And when Snow White’s wicked step-mother ordered the huntsman to cut out her heart. Yeah, those kind. But I always knew Prince Charming would come, so I wasn’t afraid. Well, maybe just a little.

Movies were a whole different matter. I could never bring myself to watch movies like Frankenstein or Dracula, either. And that Hitchcock movie, The Birds freaked me out just watching the trailer. Reading about vampires keeps me awake at night. But I did get hooked on Nancy Gideon’s fantastic By Moonlight series and the deliciously dangerous shapeshifter hero, Max. And now I’m writing cozy mysteries that involve murder and mayhem even though they are humorous. Go figure. Maybe I’m growing up.

So this year I’m trying to be brave when the goblins and witches come to the door for Trick or Treat. I’ve got the treats ready for them.

If your name is drawn on this Halloween Hop, my treat for you is a $10 gift card to either B&N or Amazon – winner’s choice.

Please don’t trick me. I’m such a ‘fraidy cat.

Let's go see what everyone else is giving out!

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