Friday, September 12, 2014

I Don’t Like To Say Good-Bye

The way I see it, I’d much rather be warm than cold any day. Sadly, the time has come all too soon to say good-bye to the short sweet days of our West Michigan summer and prepare for the long winter days ahead. Can you tell I’m not a native of the North? Nope, I hail from the Texas Hill Country but I’ve lived up here longer than I lived in Texas, so I’m not quite sure what that makes me. Tex-Mich, maybe? I love both states in totally different ways, but I’ve never been able to “love” long, snowy Michigan winters. However, the vivid colors of a Pure Michigan Fall season are a magnificent sight to see, rivaled only by the breathtaking fields of Texas bluebonnets in the spring. What’s a writer to do?

So far, my three published novels have been set in the Hill Country and my upcoming cozy mystery Joyful Noise series has a Texas setting, also. I’m thinking there must be a Michigan setting for a book somewhere in my imagination. Maybe there’ll even be a snowstorm. I’ve had plenty of up-close and personal experience with those events. A serious writer always keeps a folder full of ideas for future projects. In the meantime, I’ll keep writing the Joyful Noise cozies. Watch for Book #1, Bringing in the Thieves, to debut in November. 

For now, I’ll enjoy the crisp, cool days of Fall as I bid a fond farewell to the short, sunny days of Summer. It’s time to pull out all those delicious comfort food recipes to savor through the long, winter days. Here’s one you can easily prepare ahead so you have more time to write – or read!

Crock Pot Chicken & Noodles

4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 stick oleo
2- 15 oz cans chicken broth
24 oz frozen egg noodles (usually found near bread dough)

1. Cook chicken, soup, butter and broth in crockpot on low for 6-7 hours.
2. Take chicken out and shred.
3. Put chicken back in crockpot.
4. Add noodles and cool on low for 2 more hours, stirring occasionally while cooking.

Now let's go see the other party guests!

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