Wednesday, August 6, 2014

IWSG: Writing and Summer Porchin’ at the Lake – Windshield or Bug?

Lazy, summer days lounging on cushy, wicker furniture, watching boats skim across the lake and sipping iced tea . . . sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Enjoying the lifestyle of our Golden Years, right? Well, let me burst that bubble right away, folks. If you’re a writer who is multi-tasking-challenged, as I am, some days you’re the windshield, some days you’re the bug. That’s the way my life has been since Spring while my hubby and I do a lot of backin’ and forthin’ from our original homestead to our summer get-away an hour’s drive north. We’ve been doing this for thirty years, but when we were working full time and only went there for the weekend, I could easily plan for the Friday after work through Sunday afternoon holiday meals, clothes, etc. with no problem. Now that we’ve got more time than money, we’re free to stay as long as we want – which throws me off any sort of schedule I try to make and that leads to chaos when planning what clothes to pack, what meals to plan, which dental and medical appointments to keep (an hour plus drive back into town), keeping up with family events, trying to fit in a critique session once in a while with my fab crit partners and - oh yeah, drying out the rain damage for the second time in my office (which is now located in the dining room). Finishing my second contracted cozy mystery has become a challenge x2. Those are the ‟bug” times, know what I mean?

When we finally arrive up north, unload the SUV, unpack my laptop, etc. and way more other stuff than I needed to bring, we eventually find our way to the comfort of our porch. Time magically slows down and I realize we’ve finally become the ‟windshield.” Meals are never on schedule and that’s okay. We eat when we’re hungry. Early morning hours are blessedly quiet and writing time is once again productive as long as there’s coffee. Later in the day, friends stop by to gather on the porch with us and our lives are instantly enriched by their presence and friendship. Funny how things have a way of working out. My worrying over schedules and such was for nothing. I’ve got my windshield.

Such is my schedule as I’m working on the second book of my Joyful Noise mystery series. Blessed with Internet connection, I can holler for help from my awesome band of sistah crit partners, knowing they’ve got my back. I’ve learned to write in-transit, so to speak, and make the most of each valuable nugget of time. I can write on the porch or inside the cottage, either way I am the windshield, not the bug. And that’s a good thing. I like to think of my porch as my windshield. I’m only the bug while traveling. And what about the office water damage, you ask? Well, that, too, will be repaired by competent experts. They’re windshields of another kind. Do you use windshields when life threatens to make you the bug?

Bringing in the Thieves - Book #1 of the Joyful Noise Mysteries, is scheduled for a November 2014 release from Bell Bridge Books. There’s no cover yet, but here’s a little something to peak your interest:

A fun, warm, small-town cozy mystery set in the world of choirs, glee clubs, and the gentle shenanigans of a close-knit church community.

There’s a sour note in the choir at the Faith Community Church in Ruby Springs, Texas. Somebody drowned the choir director in the baptistery. No one much liked haughty Poppy Rose deHaven Fremont, least of all Frankie Lou McMasters, who grew up being bullied by her. But Frankie Lou didn’t kill Poppy, even though it looks suspicious since they fought at a deacon’s meeting right before Frankie Lou found Poppy’s body.

Now it’s up to Frankie Lou—a preacher’s kid who fell from grace— and her devoted band of misfit teenage singers—the Joyful Noise—to prove her innocence and figure out who wanted Poppy dead, and why. Along the way Frankie Lou will catch the eye of sexy Joe Camp, a wrongly convicted ex-con with a golden voice.

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