Friday, July 18, 2014

Feature Friday Block Party Blog Hop - Week 2!

Hi Y'All and Happy Friday - We're into the second week of the Feature Friday Block Party Blog Hop! This week the hop is co-hosted with author MJ Schiller. Please #FF me on Twitter with @LLillibridge. Today I'll be sharing my recipe for Mama's No Cook Banana Pudding and a little bit about my book ALL THAT MATTERS!


Copied from her own recipe card in her own words


Sauce: 1 cup sugar 2 eggs
2 TBLS flour 2 tsp. butter

Mix together, beat well, add 2 c. boiling water, stirring constantly. Cook until thick, being careful not to burn. Flavor with vanilla, lemon or p’apple extract.(lemon is my favorite)

Line 8x8 dish with a layer of vanilla wafers, then a layer of bananas slices. Pour 1/2 of sauce over layer. Repeat with wafers and bananas again and pour rest of sauce over. Be sure all the bananas are covered with sauce so they don’t turn dark.

Chill well and serve.

All the money in the world won’t bring you happiness if the strings attached are pulled so tight you can’t breathe. FAITH MORGAN couldn’t breathe. Controlled all her life by a dominating father whose wealth influenced his actions and prejudices, Faith spent her teen years defying every rule Lionel Morgan made.

BUDDY LEE WALKER is Boyd Walker’s son and mad as hell about it. He hasn’t been anybody’s boy since his mama died when he was six. When his no-account daddy went to prison for a bungled bank robbery and armed assault, sixteen-year-old Buddy Lee shouted “Hallelujah!” and set about working hard to overcome his reputation as Boyd’s boy.

The first time Buddy Lee took the blame for one of Faith’s escapades to save her from her daddy’s wrath, she knew she had a friend forever. Buddy Lee knew he’d have alligators snapping at his heels from that night on, but he didn’t care. Being Faith’s friend was the only good thing going on in his life right then. The worst thing was falling in love with her.

Buddy Lee Walker loves his Mustang - the 1965 red one, that is! He's no cowboy, but he's a Texan with a heart as big as the Lone Star State. Keep that in mind as you read about the favor Faith Morgan asks of him. The one that messes with his emotions and challenges his honor...and his heart.

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