Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Valentine For You

Welcome to the Back Fence today, y’all. I’m sorry the weather is snowy and cold, but I’ve got the heater fired up in the barn, so come on in and set awhile. Coffee’s in the big thermos over yonder, so grab a cup and help yourselves. I’m so happy to see you. 

I’m sending my Valentine to you early this year, since I’ll be out of touch on Valentine’s Day. When I get back, I’ll have some photos of where I’ve been and hopefully, a finished book. Yes, my family is sending me away to relax, regroup and refill my well of creativity. Actually, they said, “Mom, you need a break to settle your nerves. Who, me? Nerves? I prefer to think of it as their Valentine to me.

Anyway, to thank y’all for all the times you’ve stopped by the Back Fence to say hello, I’m having a drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card. All you need to do is leave a comment, tell me about a special Valentine you’ve received and 
enter with the Rafflecopter form below. Your name will be entered and a random drawing will determine the winner and announced on Feb. 26. Good luck! 

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Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all, from my heart to yours!



  1. Hi Loralee. Happy Valentine's Day. My husband usually buys me the most romantic cards. I always smile thinking of him standing in Hallmark reading several before making his selection. :-)

  2. This morning I woke up to my kids making me a valentines breakfast. My pancakes were pink! And my hubby gave me a single rose with my coffee while I sat waiting for my kids to make my plate. It felt like it was my birthday but they said it was just so I knew that four people loved me more than anything. Yes, I cried. It was perfect

  3. The most special valentines for me are the ones my kids make me. It just makes my day when they bring home valentines from school that they spent so much time making for me. My cedar chest is full of cherished memories and homemade gifts from my kids fill most of it :)
    Happy Valentines Day, Loralee! I'm going to help myself to a cup of that coffee now :)

  4. Hi Loralee. I'm envious if you're on a true writer's retreat (no interruptions). I need one of those, but I can't complain. I create my own interruptions. As for a Valentine favorite. This morning my hubby left flowers and a bar of 70% dark chocolate for me. Both items rank high on my "favorites" chart.

  5. While I love the flowers & Lindor truffles Hubs usually gets me, I love his cards more. They always make me laugh. Hope you're enjoying your Valentine's gift from your kids.

  6. One of the most favorite Valentine's gifts I've ever received was a little pink and white heart-shaped vase with flowers that my husband gave me before we were married. I have a picture of me holding it. Boy, that was a long time ago!
    Hope you're enjoying your retreat. What a lovely gift from your family.

  7. Lovely comments on your Valentines, everyone. Tell your friends to stop by. Leaving a comment might win them a $10 Amazon gift card. Winner will be drawn from comments and announced Feb. 26. Stay tuned!

  8. How nice of you to think of us. Hope your trip is wonderful and you have lots of stories for us when you return.
    All the best, Annette

  9. My kids got me a stuffed frog holding a heart one year because they know I like frogs. I keep it on my bed. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    thompsonem3 at aol dot com