Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Across The Back Fence - Welcome 2013

Two thousand thirteen! I have a hard time wrapping my mind around those numbers. To my way of thinking, the older I get, the faster the days fly by. When I was a kid, it seemed to take two forevers for important days like my birthday or Christmas to arrive. Now, I question the calendar’s accuracy. Could that be a typo or is it really the second week of January already?

My question today is one that’s already been asked on several blogs. In fact, there are so many blogs online that I doubt if any subject is new and different. Still, I feel compelled to ask.

“Do you make resolutions or goals on January 1?”

This year, I planned to set a goal I felt I could meet. It’s the same one I set last year. And the year before. You’re probably thinking , “What’s wrong with that picture?” and I’m thinking “What’s wrong with me?”

Folks, it took a while, but I finally figured out there’s nothing wrong with the picture or me. Whew! Good to know. LIFE makes its own rules and we have to learn to roll with the punches. So I changed my mind, as I often do, (so says Mr. L.) This year I’m using one word as my guide for the year. 


I will put my priorities in Life in the proper order and trust my intuition to get them right when the time comes. Good intentions, daily writing goals, commitments – these will get done if I prioritize. Lose some weight, read all the books on my Kindle, cook healthier meals –not high priorities, but I’ll work on them. And I’ll try my darndest to get this blog written twice a month, too, because I don’t want to lose touch with my reader friends.

So, I’ll ask again. What are your goals or resolutions for 2013 and do you have a secret formula for meeting them?

While you’re pondering that question and hopefully, leaving a comment here, I’ll slip on over to my other desk and work on the book I’m committed to writing. It’s a priority and one page at a time will get it finished. I’m almost there.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Y’ALL! May it be your best ever.



  1. Loralee, glad to see you back here at the fence. Priority. What a great resolution. I'm striving for balance, which is close. I hope 2013 is a great year for you.

    1. Oh yes, balance is important. It all adds up to being flexible. Took me a few years to figure that out. Thanks for stopping by my back fence, Diane. I appreciate the support.

  2. I love your idea of priority and Diane's of balance. Leaves room for change and going with the flow. The older we get, we have to be willing to do that, 'cuz we never know what's around the corner. Best wishes to you in this new year and here's to finishing a book. That's my one goal for 2013. Tryng to keep it simple here. :)

  3. P.S. Glad to see you back at the fence!

    1. Hi Lucy! Good to see you here. Yes, I'm trying to prioritize, balance, go with the flow...all of that in 2013. Love your "keep it simple" line, too. Very important advice.
      Keep writing forward on that book for 2013.

  4. Priority, balance, keep it simple. Those are concepts I'm going to live by in 2013. It boils down to what you said, Loralee, one page (day) at a time. And, let's all stay together this year too!

  5. Yes, Margo, staying together and supporting each other as writers is essential for balancing writing with personal priorities. I love all the additions to my one-word guide for 2013! I'm making a list right now.