Thursday, June 28, 2012

Moving - Where Does All The Stuff Come From?

How much “stuff” can one RV travel trailer hold? Seriously. Boy, oh boy, I’m finding out the hard way.

You see, we sold our very comfortable travel trailer with slide-outs and bought a new and exciting RV Park Model home – delivery to be made today. My plan was to shift the contents of the trailer to the park model after delivery. Should be a simple maneuver, right? Yeah, right...

I’ve been packing for a week, filling plastic storage tubs with “stuff” I haven’t seen or used for five years. I’m thinkin’ it must’ve multiplied when my back was turned. Or when I was outdoors sitting on the patio, visiting neighbors. You know how that is.

Do I really need three sets of plastic measuring cups? And you know those plastic ties that come with trash bags – the ones you have to pull apart? I swear I’ve got 3,000 in one of the kitchen drawers, along with an empty thumb tack card, six broken rubber bands, two broken rulers and – well, you know what I mean. “Stuff”.

I even found a swimsuit that hasn’t been used since I actually had a figure! Yep, toss that thing out quick. And just how many baseball caps does one man really need? I mean, seriously folks, he can only wear one at a time. I counted fourteen hiding in one overhead cabinet and three on the wall hooks. Talk about multiplying, I’m sure he only had two when we first moved in. I’m just glad we don’t have to pack what’s in the storage shed. That’s where he keeps all his fishing “Stuff”. And tools. And lawn mower. And man “Stuff”.

Extra bedding, bed pillows (7), six jackets (Spring is often quite cool) nine sweatshirts, pots and pans I once thought I’d use and didn’t, paper plates in three sizes. . . and don’t get me started on cups and glasses. I found some plastic go-cups from Joe’s Crab Shack in Kemah, Texas, too. Haven’t been down there in over ten years. Did I mention there are only two of us?

Anyhow, with hubby’s help, we’ll make the move to our new digs with less “stuff” than we took out of the trailer, hopefully without a hitch. I look forward to the larger living area, extra room, more cabinets and closets, lots more storage space . . . you know, for the new “stuff” we’ll need.

Y’all come back next week to find out how our move turned out. I might even have photos to share, if I survive the ordeal. And if you know how all the “stuff” got in my trailer, please give me a shout out. Gotta go round up more packing boxes now. Have a great weekend, ya’ hear?



  1. LOL at your descriptions of "discoveries". Hubby & I emptied 2 condos fr ladies who lived thru the Depression. Multiply twist ties by 10, at least, plus to-go containers & plastic-wrapped toothpicks fr restaurants. Can't have enough of them.

    Just keep thinking about how good it will be when it's done. (Remind me I said that in a couple of months when I'm doing the packing for our move.)

  2. Yes, Diane, it's amazing the amount of stuff we are so positive we need at the time, then shove it inside a cupboard, never to be seen again.
    Hope your move (where?) is not as hectic as mine.

  3. I've only moved a couple of times in my life but I've discovered that it's a wonderful way to clean house! lol Funny all the stuff we keep and save because we might 'need' it later!

    Hope all goes smooth and you're settled soon!

  4. I moved nearly every year of my life, once six times in one year (during one of those messy divorces). I'm lived here in this house for 22 years and the stuff is nearly up to my ear lobes. So I keep an open box in the basement, which eventually is picked up by Purple Heart. The hauled away ten boxes just last week and I have two nearly filled again! Rohn Federbush

  5. It is amazing what we can accumulate. We moved 5 years ago and I thought I got rid of a lot of stuff. But it's back again! You're right; it multiplies when we're not looking, lol! Good luck with your move, Loralee. Hope to see pictures of your new digs.

  6. Loralee, I totally understand what you mean about "stuff" multiplying. When we moved three summers ago, I couldn't believe how much "stuff" we'd accumulated in just 9 1/2 years. Do take your time and don't over do.

  7. LOL, Loralee! I dread all the "stuff" in my closets and drawers that must be cleared out. Good luck with corralling yours! :)

  8. Loralee,

    Best of luck with the rest of your move. We just helped my mother-in-law clear out her house in two weeks. Forty years of living there! Kind of have the bug now to do the same with my own house. Hopefully if I sit quietly for a while the bug will pass.

  9. Everyone:
    Thanks for stopping by. Sorry to be so late replying to all the comments. There was a whole lot more "stuff" to move than I'd imagined, so sorting and tossing took a while.
    I'll be posting more about the new place this Friday the 6th, instead of Thursday. Hope y'all will stop by again. Meantime, have a safe and glorious 4th!