Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Break!!!

Boy howdy! Thursday snuck in when I wasn’t looking, y’all. Guess my creative mind was on Spring Break, like the school kids. Watching a segment on TV about amazing vacation homes made me think about our family’s past vacations, and let me tell you, they were nothing like the ones on that TV show. In fact, they were few and far between.

Since we owned a business and also did some farming when our kids were growing up, we never took an actual ‟spring break.” Once in awhile we managed to go camping on week-ends. We started in a pop-up tent, then graduated to a pick-up camper, then to a second-hand travel-trailer – luxury not included. Our exotic destinations were usually two-tracks through the woods to a little fishing lake or tromping on the dunes along Lake Michigan. Free stuff, you know? If we were lucky, the weather would be perfect. Sadly, Lady Luck didn’t follow our itinerary very often. Rain did.

But, you know what? The craziest, most rugged trips are the ones our kids still talk about – the ones that were the most fun. Leaky tents, no indoor plumbing, cooking over a campfire. S’mores. Hobo pies. Observing Mother Nature at her best and her worst. Memorable family times. Priceless. And, oh yes…amazing.

What are your amazing Spring Break memories? Luxury destinations? Awesome accommodations? Or do you have your very own special vacation home to enjoy?

Let’s hear about it, y’all! That is, if you’re not off somewhere exotic enjoying Spring Break right now. As for me, I think I’ll zip up my jacket and stay out here in the sunshine a little while longer. Enjoy your day.

Y’all come back now, ya’ hear?



  1. My most amazing Spring Break was in Big Bend National Park in your home state, Loralee. The cacti were in bloom. Lovely.

  2. That's rugged beauty at its best, Diane. How great you got to see it.