Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gift Suggestions For The Writer

Wondering what to get a special writer friend for Christmas? Or birthday? Do you need to say thank-you for a much needed critique? Want something more than chocolate?

Putting a little thought into making a list before you head for the mall, or the online stores, can result in finding the perfect gift to make any writer squeal with joy...or in the case of a male writer friend, a Wow! might replace that squeal.

I have a wonderful critique group I exchange gifts with every Christmas. (And no, I’m not revealing this year’s gifts here, so ladies, you’ll just have to wait.) Every year I try to think of something that suits the individual. This year I’m pretty sure I hit the jackpot! (No, still not telling.)

What I’m suggesting here are items any writer would appreciate. And if you’re on a budget, these suggestions won’t stress your bank account. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

For starters, a signed copy of your latest book is always a great gift!

Desk or wall calendars with enough space on each day to make notes and appointments. I know, I know. You can do that on your fancy cell phone. But, hey folks, I like calendars. Especially ones with lighthouses, horses, cowboys...anything pleasing to look at.

A coffee cup to hold that hot beverage...nifty sayings on them always bring a smile, too. Add packets of instant hot cocoa, tie a ribbon on the handle and Voila! Yummy for the tummy.

A special photo of your group in a pretty frame makes a special keepsake.

And what writer wouldn’t love a gift card to a book store or office supply store?

A pretty basket filled with all those little items a writer uses every day, and often runs out of too quickly, is certainly something useful. You know, things you always need like note pads, inexpensive pens and pencils, highlighters, paper clips, a flash drive, purse-size hand sanitizer, Autographed by Author stickers for the published writer on your list.

A gift doesn’t have to be glitzy or expensive to be appreciated. Tying your gift choice to your friends’ writing life lets them know you acknowledge them as a writer and validates your belief that what they do is important. That’s a gift from the heart that would please any writer.

Don’t forget to add some homemade cookies or candy. Anything handmade will be a special gift sure to bring joy to anyone. The more personal you make the gift, the more it means.

My last suggestion has no monetary price tag, but is likely to be the most treasured by the recipient...the gift of your time. An offer to critique that pesky chapter they’ve had trouble with. A private brainstorming session when they’ve hit a brick wall in their story. A ride to a meeting or workshop. A shoulder to lean on when times are rough. Being a good listener. All it costs is your time.

Every one of these precious gifts of time has been given to me at some point in my writing career. I treasure each ones and its giver. They are the precious jewels of friendship in my keepsake box. Priceless.

I hope these suggestions help you find just the right gift for your writer friends. Even the smallest gift, when it comes from the heart, can mean the most.



  1. Thanks, Loralee! You just gave me some brilliant ideas for writer friends!

    Merry Christmas!

    Alyssa Marble w/a Alyssa Alexander

  2. Alyssa, I'm glad the suggestions were helpful. Like I said, the smallest gifts are often the most precious when they come from the heart of the giver.

  3. Oh man! Now I am intrigued and wish I could sneak into your house and find my prezzie! This is a great post, Tex! Great ideas!

  4. Beautiful post, Loralee! Wonderful suggestions too. And you're right, sometimes the greatest gifts are the ones we don't buy :)

  5. Thanks for the ideas, Loralee. Hope your holidays are wonderful.

    All the best, Annette

  6. Pat, there's no way you're sneaking an early peek at your prezzie! Santa is watching! HO!HO!HO! He left his hat with me. Reino refused to wear the reindeer antlers, though. Stubborn horse. He might get a lemon in his stocking instead of an apple.

  7. Jennifer and Annette, thanks for stopping by the back fence. You know, you can also stick my list of suggestions on your fridge as hints to family for what to give you, too. HO!HO!HO!
    I'll bet you can come up with some other good ones, too. Happy Holidays!

  8. Really great suggestions, Loralee. Happy Holidays to you & your family.

  9. Lots of good ideas sure to make any writer smile. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a New Year of new writing contracts!


  10. Diane and Lucy, I hope you both have an extra- special Christmas. May your holiday cheer be filled with writing contracts, too!

  11. All wonderful suggestions Loralee! Not just for a writer, but any friend or co-worker :) Thanks for sharing and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

    P.S. I still like calendars too, even though my email or phone does the same thing....I'm stuck in my habit :)