Thursday, November 10, 2011

Where Did the Time Go?

Did y’all get an extra hour of sleep when we turned our clocks back Saturday night? Really? I guess my body didn’t get the memo, ‘cause I woke up same as always, only it was an hour earlier. Go figure. Tried staying in bed with my eyes shut, hoping I could sleep that extra hour, but no luck. I’m pretty sure I wrote an entire book in my mind while I lay there. Couldn’t remember a word when I finally rolled out of bed. Gone. Pffft! What was probably a NYT best-seller disappeared faster than dandelion fluff in a wind storm. Yep. Gone with the wind.

So what did I gain by having that extra hour in my day? Frustration, that’s what. I’ve wasted more than an hour trying to recall my brilliant mental manuscript. Not gonna happen, folks. But there was a lesson learned. There are simply some things I can’t control. Wasting time on them gets me nowhere. I could’ve used that extra hour in a more positive way – by starting the next chapter of my work-in-progress, or getting a head start on my next blog. Edits for another project are waiting for me, too. I could’ve worked on them.

Any one of those choices would’ve been a lot more productive than trying to recall a dream that obviously wasn’t important enough to stick around. So now, I’m working on this blog, plus edits and my WIP, instead of wasting time chasing pipe dreams. Like most of the stuff I’ve misplaced, it’ll show up sometime.

I’m realistic enough to know that part of my problem is procrastination, but I refuse to let a single, sixty-minute block of elusive time take over my entire day. I have other things to worry who picks which hour we gain or lose, and where does it go, anyway? And what about the parts of the country that are smart enough to leave their time alone?

What did you do with your extra hour? I’m already worrying about the one I’ll lose next spring. Will I ever find it? Is all this stress really necessary?

Till next time (whatever it is), I’ll keep the gate open for you and the sweet tea cold. Y’all come on over.


  1. Loralee, that was a hoot! Like you, I tried to sleep that extra hour--I sure needed it. Didn't happen. I agree about not wasting time trying to remember what I've forgotten. Like all good advice, it's hard to follow. Hope that award-winning story shows up soon.

  2. Thanks, Diane. That really was a frustrating day for me. I felt like someone had stolen something important from me, but I couldn't remember what!
    Glad the post gave you a chuckle.

  3. Hi Loralee, I had to work, so I let myself stay up an hour later, so that when I woke up I was still as tired as I normally

    Good to know that I'm not the only one that comes up with best sellers when I'm laying in bed either on the verge of sleep, or trying to make myself get up. I always convince myself I'll remember it, and usually don't. I've since put a notepad and pen on my nightstand...andsometimes I even force myself to write things down!

    Loved your blog today :) Good luck with your edits...I'm so looking forward to your next book!