Thursday, October 6, 2011

From Blank Page to (blog talk) Radio and Beyond - The Never-Ending Journey of Possibilities

Another milestone in my gazillion-mile journey along Publication Road takes place today. No one is more surprised than me.

Writing stories about the characters I met along that road, I never expected to be on radio actually talking about them, for cryin’ out loud. I mean, who knew technology would’ve come so far while I was clumsily stubbing my toe on small pebbles of bad queries and big boulders of rejection letters? Talk about a rough road, mine was a dirt two-track at times.

Who knew after so many miles of trudging, I’d finally reach a point in my career worthy of an interview by my publisher, Tell-Tale Publishing, on something called Blog Talk Radio? Or that readers could tune in from wherever they were and listen. I can barely wrap my mind around that, folks. Seriously.

Today in my interview, I’d love to introduce y’all to Buddy Lee Walker and Faith Morgan, my characters in ALL THAT MATTERS. They live in the small, Texas Hill Country town of Liberty, where gossip and money and bad guys keep the imaginary alligators snapping at Buddy Lee’s heels. What’s a fella in love to do when he’s a convict’s son and Faith’s the daughter of the town banker and engaged to someone else?

If you want to find out about Love and Life in small-town Texas, plus learn a little about me, tune in to Blog Talk Radio and listen while my publisher puts me in the hot seat. I’m not promising a tell-all session, but hey, you might hear something that’ll tempt you to buy ALL THAT MATTERS. I’d be much obliged, if you did. I can pretty much promise you’re gonna love Buddy Lee and Faith.

In the meantime, keep writing. Every book ever written began with a blank page.


  1. Love the last line, Loralee. And I can vouch for this story—it's great! Inspires me to write, write, write!

  2. Congrats Loralee on taking a huge leap to radio! You're sure to make some wonderful new fans!

    As for your book, ALL THAT MATTERS, I love it! One of the best books I've read all year and your journey to publication is a true inspiration to keep on writing and striving for your dreams!

    Have fun on the radio :)

  3. Okay, I'll try again to post. Tried earlier with no success.

    Jennifer and Christine, thank you both so much for bringing your coffee/tea cups and joining me at the back fence this morning. And huge thank yous for your kind words. You've both been great supporters of ALL THAT MATTERS. I appreciate all you've done. Hope you'll give a listen this afternoon on Blogtalkradio. Let me know how my "radio" persona sounds. Ha!

  4. Thanks, Patricia. I've been practicing how to speak without a drawl or a twang. Y'all know how I am, though. (grins)