Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happiness Is An Unexpected Connection With The Past Via Baseball

Ever have a totally unexpected reconnection with someone from your past? Neither had I until a week ago. My surprise came because someone from my school days in Texas watched a major league baseball game on television. That major league baseball game was the start of a trip down memory lane.

You see, the name of one of the ball players in that game prompted the person from my hometown to remember me. He found my website and emailed me to ask if the MLB player happened to be a relative. He remembered my husband, who played for my hometown’s baseball team, Texas Rebels, while he was stationed at a nearby Air Force base. A true “Northener” from Michigan, he loved playing with that bunch of true Texans. They even gave him the number 13 uniform, too. Talk about generosity.

Though my husband and the MLB athlete have the same last name, I’m not aware of any family connection. Still, I was thrilled to hear from someone who brought me news of my out-of-state hometown. He updated me about friends I’d lost touch with over the years. I was saddened to learn that some of those friends are gone now, yet happy to know that a favorite faculty member still makes an occasional visit to that area.

A flyer arrived in the mail a few days later announcing an all-school reunion in October. Will I attend? Probably not, since I’m a long way from the Texas Hill Country now. But my friend has promised to keep me updated on the news from home. I know his posts will put a bright spot in my day when they arrive. I have the MLB to thank for my reconnection with the past.

If you’ve ever had an unexpected bright spot in your day or an unusual reconnection with a friend from your past, I’d love to have you share your experience with the folks here at my back fence. And if you’ve had a brand-spankin’new bright spot in your day, please share that with us, too. Sharing a smile could make someone else’s day a little brighter. Smiling is so much easier than frowning. Just sayin’.

"Envy is the art of counting the other fellow's blessings instead of your own."~~ Harold Coffin


  1. what a great story, Loralee! Small world, isn't it? Thanks for the smile and have a great day!

  2. Yes, Jennifer, it's a small, small world, as Mr. Disney said years ago. So glad my story made you smile today. Pay it forward and collect another one. They're priceless collectibles.
    And I apologize for being anonymous. It appears Google doesn't recognize me today. Sigh.

  3. It's funny what brings our circle closer. I just found out that my sister is in an organization with the sister of my co-worker because of my books. Any my writers' website has made it possible for high school friends that I've lost contact with to reach out and made that connections again. We may curse it, but technology can be wonderful at the same time.

  4. Nancy, don't you love it when good things happen unexpectedly? Thanks for stopping to say "hi" at my back fence.

  5. Hi Loralee,
    Years ago Susan and I were bf, two shadows always together from K-6 grade. Her mom had become ill and the family thought a better climate might help so they moved away. Jump forward 25 years. I was at the Kal. hospital for a routine appoinmentt and waiting for the elevator. When the doors open, Susan and most of her family were clustered inside. It's obvious they were gathered to be with their mother. We didn't need to talk, we just hugged each other and shared the heartache. I thanked God for placing me there at that moment.

  6. Thanks for sharing your special story, Teresa. Often, a heartfelt hug is all that's needed to convey our feelings.