Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday's Across the Fence

Well, hello there. I’m so happy you stopped by the back fence again. I’ve been wondering if I’d see you here, since I know how busy you are. Sometimes, don’t you wish life would just slow down a bit and give us a chance to catch our breath? I’ve been busy this week, too, trying to get ready for the September 9 launch of my contemporary romance, ALL THAT MATTERS, for Tell-Tale Publishing Group. It’s an exciting time for me and in a perfect world, I would’ve had this blog entry plus the posts for the next five Thursdays written a long time ago. Like I said, in a perfect world...
So, let’s define perfect world. Mine would probably differ from yours in many ways. Obviously, my definition of a perfect world today is immensely different from how I envisioned such a world as a child. As a toddler, I was happy with a full day to play and NO NAPS. Today, a nap sounds like a luxury.
As I ponder how I would define a perfect world today, I see my hubby outside on the riding lawn mower. We’re retired now. We’ve been married fifty-seven years. We’ve had both perfect and not-so-perfect during that time. But life would be very boring if everything stayed the same, don’t you think? If there nothing more to learn, what would we do? Hubby’s a seasoned angler and knows a lot about fishing, but there’s always some newfangled lure or fly that intrigues him. A new rod and reel he needs to learn more about. A fishing show that shows him a new way to catch those big ones. (At least, that’s what he tells me.) We have the time now for learning more about our individual interests.
Ah, learning new things. (See how I snuck that in there.) I’m still learning my craft – writing novels. Yes, I’m a published author, but I want to be a better one. I want to learn how to paint word pictures in a way so readers can experience what I’m trying to convey in those novels. I want to fill the pages with the five senses and touch the reader’s emotions. To make them laugh and cry. To want to read more.
It’s not easy, this writing stuff I’ve chosen to do. Solitary hours in front of the computer, often staring at a blank screen. Plots that refuse to work, characters that are too stubborn to cooperate. And I won’t even mention the late meals and a not-so-perfect house. In a perfect world, writing a successful novel would be easy and everyone could achieve it. But then, that would make a perfect world boring, wouldn’t it?
So for now, I’ll define my present world as nearly perfect, and I’ll keep on learning and improving my craft. I’m lucky to be enjoying what I do, to have friends and loved ones around me. That’s close enough to perfect for me.

*Life is simpler when you plow around the stump*


  1. Fifty-Seven years! That's awesome, Loralee. I enjoyed your blog and love the quote at the end. I will remember that one :) Congrats on the new release-can't wait to read it. I like your world and am so happy you let us share it with you :)

  2. Thank you Jennifer - I hope you keep coming back!!!

  3. Testing: Just ignore post. Trying to comment one more time!

  4. Perfect is boring and unsympathetic. That is NOT you! Instead of are just right! Love you and love your work, Tex! Keep on keepin' on!

  5. Thank, Patrish. I definitely intend to keep on keepin' on. Stubborn, yes. Perfect, not at all!