Monday, October 26, 2015

Nancy Gideon's Haunted Open House Blog Hop - Giveaway!

This week, I'm participating in author Nancy Gideon's Haunted Open House Blog Hop!


I'm not a fan of Halloween

There, I said it. I don’t like to be frightened. I admit to being the first one to cover my eyes at a gory scene in a movie or when a zombie pops up out of nowhere on the TV screen. I do NOT intentionally look for the scariest movies to watch or the bloodiest book to read. Participating in a real-live Zombie Walk is NOT on my bucket list. So I’m puzzled by my fascination with Nancy Gideon’s By Moonlight series. Book One, MASKED BY MOONLIGHT, is a gripping tale that begins in the darkest corners of New Orleans with no shortage of evil and frightening scenes. I’d never read any story with shapeshifters, but from this first book I was hooked. Why? Well, I’ll tell you – Nancy Gideon’s beyond-awesome story-telling talents brought her characters to life in such a way that never scared me, never made me squeeze my eyes shut, j ust made me keep reading about Max, a hero to die for, with extraordinary talents, and Cee-Cee, the woman who loved him in spite of those talents. I cared about those characters because I became a part of their life and I wasn’t afraid. Who knew? Thank goodness, the author kept writing about these should-have-scared-me-but-didn’t books. The series is 5-star Plus! So today it’s my pleasure to help announce the Release Day of UNLEASED BY SHADOWS, Book 10 of the By Moonlight series. Follow Nancy Gideon’s Haunted Open House Blog Hop for Halloween chills and thrills with giveaways!

And join Nancy at her Haunted Open House for more tricks and treats!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Meet Robyn Lee of FROM THIS DAY FORWARD and find out what the Big Deal is all about!

Howdy! So glad to see you here at The Back Fence. I have a wonderful surprise for you today and I’m so excited about it, I won’t make you wait a minute longer for the excitement. You may know her as the fantastic, award-winning author and my super-duper critique partner, Nancy Gideon, but today she’s here as another equally exciting persona.

Please welcome my awesome writer friend, Dana Ransom, here to share a little about her newest contemporary romance, FROM THIS DAY FORWARD. This is a deeply emotional story of two very different people determined to hide behind the protective shields they’ve built around their hearts in order to spare further pain to their wounded souls. Secrets of their pasts keep them from moving forward in their lives, but they’re determined to keep it that way for reasons they refuse to share.

From the beginning of the book, I was totally caught up in the lives of Robin Lee and Kyle Travers. The author’s touching portrayal of the characters inner struggles to keep their guard up against their true feelings made my own heart ache as if I knew the two personally. This is one book that will keep you turning the pages as you follow Robin and Kyle as they learn to discard the pain of their pasts and embrace the healing power of true love. FROM THIS DAY FORWARD – a story to remember.

Guest Post by Nancy Gideon

It’s almost painful to watch that first new growth of the season struggle to push its way free of the hard, dry ground that’s kept it prisoner all winter long. It starts with a crack and the first brave sprig of green. Then the earth breaks away to release determined shoots that unfurl into bright bursts of color. Spring is like that and so is romance reborn when two wounded spirits find the encouragement in one another to bloom again.

I’m thrilled that Amazon has chosen my Dana Ransom contemporary FROM THIS DAY FORWARD as part of their May Big Deal event. Beginning May 8 and running for the next few weeks, this original romance will be available for only $1.99! 

Widowed on her honeymoon, Robyn Lee pours all her unfulfilled dreams of a happily-ever-after into her wedding planner business, hiding her own heartbreak by making perfect memories for couples beginning the loving future she was denied. The last thing she needs is for the brother of her dream client--whose endorsement will guarantee Robyn's success--to rock the boat . . . and her regimented world.

Through the lens of his camera, photojournalist Kyle Travers has witnessed all the ugliness life can offer. Still reeling from the death of his coworker in the field, he sees the frilly job of photographer at his sister's wedding as an annoyance--until he meets the steely organizer who protects her broken spirit almost as fiercely as he does his own--making him wonder if two fractured halves can make a stronger whole.

My fabulous critique partner (and awesome contemporary author in her own right-Can you say Yee Haw, Buddy Lee!) has invited me to introduce you to Kyle and Robyn, two broken people who don’t believe their hearts will ever heal enough for them to find love again. And I’m about to prove them wrong. Today, as a guest of Loralee Lillibridge here At The Back Fence, meet wedding planner Robyn Lee, a woman who professionally has it all together but personally is a disaster:

“Don’t make a habit of depending on me.”

She heard a volume in that casual warning. He was a bad boy and she’d better be on guard. Why didn’t she believe that? He did.

When she didn’t draw away, he seemed determined to prove it to her.

His hand cupped her wind-flushed cheek, his thumb hooking beneath her chin to angle it up. She knew what he was planning. She had plenty of time to resist. But her eyes were closing, her lips parting and when he finally bent to claim them, she all but melted down the front of him.

If he wanted to show her he was a man who couldn’t be trusted, he should have seized her up with a rough disregard. But he didn’t. He undercut everything he was trying to convince her of with a kiss that was achingly, searchingly sweet. Tough guys didn’t kiss like that. Disreputable womanizers didn’t go to such great lengths to ease up slow, seeking just the right slant, just the right pressure to earn just the right response. And Robyn responded with all the right emotions. For all of ten seconds.

Then her hands flew up, pushing against his chest with an unnecessary force. He wasn’t trying to restrain her. She was fighting against her own desire to linger in his embrace.

“Don’t,” she cried out in a hoarse little voice, all jagged and edged in fear.

And Kyle, not understanding that she was afraid of herself not him, growled in his own defense, “Did he hurt you or was he just a fool?”

“Who?” Robyn panted.

“Your ex-husband.”

“I—he—I’m not divorced.” She jerked away and began to fumble frantically in her purse for her house keys. She should have had them in her hand. She should have been ready.

“Not—I don’t get it.” He was staring at her, obviously confused and growing angry. “Are you separated? The ring—”

She grabbed up her key and jammed it into the lock, thrusting open the door so hard she almost fell inside. And she was angry, too. Angry at herself for feeling so scared and so aroused. There were tears in her eyes when she told him furiously, “I never would have left him. He left me. My husband died.”

He stood, stunned into wordlessness as she slipped inside and slammed the door in his face.

If you missed the chance to meet Kyle Travers, he’s visiting with Loralee’s mysterious doppelganger Lora Lee.

Happy Spring and Happy Reading . . . especially when it’s on sale! 

About Nancy Gideon

Nancy Gideon is the award winning author of over 58 romances ranging from historical, regency and series contemporary suspense to paranormal, with a couple of horror screenplays tossed into the mix. She works full time as a legal assistant, and when not at the keyboard, feeds a Netflix addiction along with all things fur, fin and fowl. She is thrilled to join Belle Books with reissues of her Dana Ransom contemporaries as well as with her “Touch of Midnight” vampire romance series written under her own name for Belle’s ImaJinn Books imprint. Watch for the first three books of the series to return to print and the entire series to be rereleased one-per-month beginning in July 2015 with all new covers.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Once Upon a Wedding by Kelly Rae

Once Upon a Wedding (One Day at a Wedding – Book One)

Genre: Contemporary Romance – Novella

Release Date: December 12, 2014 
Length: 67 Pages 

Cassie Anderson, bridesmaid extraordinaire, is tired of attending her friend’s weddings either solo, or with her best friend, Thad. Finding a real date is simply too much work. Especially when she sees an old acquaintance from high school, Dan, at her friend Shelley’s wedding.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Witches, Goblins And Flying Monkeys, Oh My!

Hey Y'All - From October 27th to October 31st, I'll be participating in Nancy Gideon's Haunted Open House Giveaway Blog Hop as part of Nancy's 4th Annual Haunted Open House! Stop by Nancy's Haunted House to read Halloween posts by some awesome authors, wander into the spooky Game Room or sample some of the spooktacular Halloween drinks, appetizers and desserts. And don't forget to check out Nancy's Tricks-or-Treats!

I admit I’m not a fan of scary stuff and totally avoid horror movies, so I guess you could call me a ‘fraidy cat, but that’s the way I roll. Always was, always will be. But I seriously believe in ghosts and spirits. Angels, too, but they don’t scare me.

The first time my very young children saw The Wizard of Oz on TV (a long time ago) and were frightened by the flying monkeys, I totally understood. I never liked those critters either. And I knew they weren’t real. Still, they were scary and so was the Witch.

I’m not quite sure what brought on this aversion to horror. As a child, I read all the fairy tales – you know, where the wicked witch tried to put Hansel and Gretel in her oven. Yikes! That’s horror, right? And when Snow White’s wicked step-mother ordered the huntsman to cut out her heart. Yeah, those kind. But I always knew Prince Charming would come, so I wasn’t afraid. Well, maybe just a little.

Movies were a whole different matter. I could never bring myself to watch movies like Frankenstein or Dracula, either. And that Hitchcock movie, The Birds freaked me out just watching the trailer. Reading about vampires keeps me awake at night. But I did get hooked on Nancy Gideon’s fantastic By Moonlight series and the deliciously dangerous shapeshifter hero, Max. And now I’m writing cozy mysteries that involve murder and mayhem even though they are humorous. Go figure. Maybe I’m growing up.

So this year I’m trying to be brave when the goblins and witches come to the door for Trick or Treat. I’ve got the treats ready for them.

If your name is drawn on this Halloween Hop, my treat for you is a $10 gift card to either B&N or Amazon – winner’s choice.

Please don’t trick me. I’m such a ‘fraidy cat.

Let's go see what everyone else is giving out!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Remembered by Moonlight by Nancy Gideon (+Giveaway)

Because the road to . . . 

Clever, cool and preternaturally lethal, Max Savoie is leader of a secretive shape-shifter clan, heir to a mobster’s legacy, and the love of New Orleans’ top cop . . . but he can’t remember any of them. The only way to recover his past, and his rightful place in the arms of the woman who risked all to save him, is to surrender to a mysterious visitor who could use him as a weapon against all he’d loved.

Happily-Ever-After . . . 

After rescuing her mate from his ruthless captors in the North, hard-hitting Detective Charlotte Caissie is now painfully vulnerable—a stranger in his eyes . . . and in his bed. The key to his memories is locked in a tortuous past. To reclaim the strength of their passionate bond, Max must learn to trust her enough to face that darkness at her side before the threat it hides exposes the secret Cee Cee carries.

Is never smooth. 

When an investigation into grisly deaths in an underground Shifter fight club points to more than just dangerous clan rivalries, Cee Cee enlists Max’s help to find a traitor in their midst while there’s still time to turn a deadly invading tide. But the cost of saving their treasured future may mean sacrificing his past. Especially when the enemy they pursue . . . might be Max, himself.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: October 13, 2014
Length: 324 Pages

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bonds of Affection by Rohn Federbush

Genre: Contemporary Inspirational Romance
Release Date: June 30, 2014
Length: 232 Pages

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Tied together as hostages in a bank robbery, an ex-race-car driver, Gina Branson, shares the shock of the bank guard, Thomas Woods, as he witnesses the murder of his twin brother.

Once freed, the roller coaster of Tom’s grief and rage alienates them on issues of retribution and clemency. Bound to each other from their first flicker of interest, the couple weathers both the bank-robbery trial and the death of Gina’s ailing mother to a final testing of their faith, trust and affection.